Kalicharan's Veda

Kalicharan’s Veda:

The seed. Explains Rig-Veda, the Fountain-head of Indian Thought, in a most lucid and direct language. The many illustrations only make the book more enjoyable to read. A one-stop for all those interested in Indian Spirituality, Philosophy, Belief systems and Gods. CAUTION: this book has no precedents!

Kalicharan Tuvij:

The host-author and illustrator of this blog.

The Blog:

Is all about the Book, and everything else too. Contains blogs under three categories – Immortal Language, Language of Morality, and Asat.

The Immortal Language belongs to Aditi, the Alfa-and-Omega of the Veda, and therefore would feature blogs that speak the same.

The Language of Morality belongs to Evolution, a stage where Agni, the cosmopolitan Man, still strives for goodness and perfection; the blogs would be meant to be some kind of help.

Asat is devoted to unearthing the domains of Darkness, Gloom and Ignorance.

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