Asvini Kumar

Ashwini Kumar

Asvini Kumar

RV [1-120.01]

Asvins, what praise may win your grace? Who may be pleasing to you both?
How shall the ignorant worship you?

Asvini Kumar

RV [1-181.04]

Here sprung to life, they both have sung together, with bodies free from stain, with signs that mark them;
One of you (is) Prince of Sacrifice, the Victor, the other counts as Heaven’s auspicious offspring.

Asvini Kumar

RV [1-022.2,3]

We call the Asvins Twain, the Gods borne in a noble car, the best of charioteers, who reach the heavens.
Dropping with honey is your whip, Asvins, and full of pleasantness; sprinkle therewith the sacrifice.


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