Rig Veda: the real meaning



Effort is the meaning of our lives. Why do we need this struggle, and against what?

Well, Effort is Sacrifice, or the Yagna. And the enemy is Asat which is a state of limitation, stagnancy, covered-up ignorance. It means: you stay at one ‘place’ for long, and that place would become your Hell, your Asat, where even death doesn’t liberate.

Does Veda, by the use of jargon (such as Asat, Yagna, Indra, etc), symbolize concepts, or see things real? Does Veda give mantras (and rituals and rules), chanting of which at prescribed time, place, direction, pitch, pronunciation guaranties Heavens, or Does it plainly state mantras as song, or the celebration of your own achievements, as seeker, when you are on your ‘straightest’ path of Effort and Sacrifice?

The latter is the answer: however discomforting it may be for many. Religion assures you, in its methods and prescriptions, Veda doesn’t. The Rsis of Veda, as friends, laugh, and ask: would you stop moving, if there was no Heaven, or no Heaven on your road?


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