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Indra: kills Vrtra, releases Floods

Veda’s formulation of Heaven-Earth (Dyau-Prithivi) structures, the basis for the realization of the collective potentiality of society, has finally started to take shape amid the shapeless chaos of modern world, where already, the agrarian civilization has become a distant past, and the Industrial one, too, has moved past its maturity. In long and short, Varna, the multiverse of classes and classes within classes, has started to (re?)emerge. In the past, that has been discovered or documented yet in India, the agrarian nature of Civilization made movements of people, information and commodities sluggish, or even nil, and caused the dynamics of Varna to get devolved into the statics of castes.


Indra slays Vrtra, releases the Floods

So we immediately see the criticality of the expansion of the horizons of material and technology to match that of thought and realizations, and vice-versa. There is an interdependence of the structures of Science,Technology, Economics and Politics, which hardly needs stressing, but I don’t know if someone has talked about these having the same emergent, contemporary structure of which everything else becomes no more than a morphed image; there is, however, still a long way to go before Mankind realizes the Immortal Image. To talk of the forward march of the God Bhag, as in material and technology, it was first the advent of the creative power of chemical reactions which produced for us the Engine, which in turn propelled the Industrialization; and later, the discovery of nuclear forces and its realization as the ‘atom bomb’ dazzled the world with its power of destruction. If Industrialization resulted in strong, truculent nations, the fear of nuclear catastrophe made them cooperate with each other at the International stage: culturally, it was the Savitaric Age, materially, that of electromagnetism and Information, and still is. And, yes, a lot more to come.

Then, the leading Savitaric thinker, Sri Aurobindo, talks about Evolution and Involution, two opposite yet simultaneous, processes which first result in new realizations (‘heights’) and then in the ‘bringing down’ of these to evolve and widen the ‘base’. Veda, too, talks about the composite Bhag-Savitar, and the flow of ‘Soma Juice’ that widens Earth.

But what about those outdated, or convoluted, structures which still persist, defying the world movements? Would you as an enlightened society sit pretty within your own frontiers, perhaps harping and preaching on the ideal, and ready possibility, of Individual Realization, the Nirvana, for others? Or, would you, on the other extreme, eradicate the problem literally, by cleansing from the face of earth those ‘inferior vermin’?

Well, Indra, one of the basis truths in Veda, and the creator of Heaven-Earth, takes a somewhat middle path, overthrows the Asat of Heaven, Vrtra, and connects Heaven and Earth, both in the objective and the subjective realms, by releasing the flood of Heavenly rain, or Soma Juice, upon the Earth.


Who is Indra?

Within humans – Plain thought. logic. reason.

And it is independent of humans. Indeed, Mathematics has its own existence. It is upto a person to attune to this ‘cow’, or ‘frequency’, to an extent. The best results are found when thought is created for the sake of thought only. So, what is thought?

Thought is the story you create, in order to serve a purpose. Thought is the body, or cloth, of purpose. Example: if soul is the purpose, ego is the cloth. If space is the purpose, geometry is the cloth. and so on.

So clearly, rather than getting ‘thought out’ by humans, it is thought itself which is more of a creator. Not only one of the creators, or ‘basis truths’, of humans, but also of different empires of knowledge, society, economy, etc, ‘built’ by them.

We would someday talk about the Greater (virATa) Indra, that is, the all-encompassing Indra, when he expands infinitely and shows up all other Gods within himself. That is how a God, or cow, in Veda becomes supreme, becomes Asura (not a pejorative in Veda) . This is also, how, the behavior of material world can be corroborated by logic. After all, nobody has told nature to behave according to the mathematical theories written in those textbooks of Physics!

So, Indra is the purposeful God, or ‘cow’, of Veda handpicked for the expansion and deepening of Civilization, both internally and externally.


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Rig Veda: the real meaning



Effort is the meaning of our lives. Why do we need this struggle, and against what?

Well, Effort is Sacrifice, or the Yagna. And the enemy is Asat which is a state of limitation, stagnancy, covered-up ignorance. It means: you stay at one ‘place’ for long, and that place would become your Hell, your Asat, where even death doesn’t liberate.

Does Veda, by the use of jargon (such as Asat, Yagna, Indra, etc), symbolize concepts, or see things real? Does Veda give mantras (and rituals and rules), chanting of which at prescribed time, place, direction, pitch, pronunciation guaranties Heavens, or Does it plainly state mantras as song, or the celebration of your own achievements, as seeker, when you are on your ‘straightest’ path of Effort and Sacrifice?

The latter is the answer: however discomforting it may be for many. Religion assures you, in its methods and prescriptions, Veda doesn’t. The Rsis of Veda, as friends, laugh, and ask: would you stop moving, if there was no Heaven, or no Heaven on your road?

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