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The Book

Kalicharan’s Veda explains the Rig-Veda. Unearths comprehensively the superstructure of the system of thought encoded therein.     Veda

Running through the Veda, both integrally and differentially, and showing itself as an exceptional, yet  natural, body from which all the subsequent belief-systems are seen to be rather derived, than induced, this superstructure also finds its unbroken chain of validations in the Yogic practices and other living mechanisms such as the Sacred-thread, Gayatri-mantra, etc.

The real contemporary and revelatory message that this book sends out (without being preachy or explicit), though, is to the class of earnest, working professionals in India (in Scientific, Artistic, Engineering, Managerial and Social fields) who, without exception, fall sandwiched between the seemingly impossible heights of perfections of the Western world on one hand, and the invisible, inscrutable ground of their own Cultural-context on the other (the plenitude of corruption and gurus doesn’t help).

The problem, in decoding the Veda, that has continued perennially is that, given the highly non-linear mode of thought in the Rig Veda, you either totally miss the plot or get it all- in a flash.

Kalicharan’s Veda” means that flash- it means that point of discontinuity (much needed too at this hour) in the flow and schemes of things – a spark anticipating triggered changes in various spheres, in unfathomable ways.


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